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What we're doing in Ukraine

Updated: Mar 20, 2023

With the Russian invasion that started last year, the country of Ukraine and its people have persevered and inspired the entire world with their beauty, devotion, and courage to stand up for what they believe in. We are humbled to call one of these beautiful people one of our H4H leaders on the frontlines serving humanity.

Mia Willard, our H4H Ukraine President, led a mission these past few days to provision badly needed medical supplies and basic trauma training in the eastern frontline city of Bakhmut where the fiercest fighting in Ukraine currently is and nearly all of the roads to the city are currently blocked by the Russian military. The city has been under constant shelling with no regards to civilian life, and this tenuous situation has made life for Ukrainians in the city exceedingly difficult, especially as related to health needs. Mia saw this and despite the situation, courageously led her team out there this past week to help some of the most vulnerable.

Mia’s work not only inspires hope but saves lives as she has this entire war when she returned to Ukraine serving the people in a multitude of ways while simultaneously carrying on as a UCF undergraduate student. Her bravery to go out there and do something at such a young age is nothing short of extraordinary, especially as highlighted by her work these past few days. As she stated about her recent mission, there was “shelling non-stop, including aimed at the volunteers. But it was where the first aid medicine was most needed and that’s pretty much what we had. It makes us want to bring back more aid and come back to Bakhmut and other first-line fronts.” As our chapters and student leaders around the US and world work together to continue to make Mia’s missions possible, we believe her impact could be larger through any support you may wish to provide whether it is education, materials, or even financial.

A few words from Mia Willard: "February 24. One day that has lasted a year; one year that has lasted a day.

One day that has divided our lives into a clear ‘before’ and ‘after’. One year that has brought too much heartbreak and death to capture in words, yet also a year of incredible unity and strength.

A year that has uncovered the true character of those around us. From soldiers and aid volunteers to incredible war journalists and media managers, I am undoubtedly fortunate to share this experience with my people.

One year that has shifted many priorities and taught us to live, feel, mourn, and love in the moment, to the fullest. No one is ever guaranteed a tomorrow. No one, never, and nowhere.

A year that has also incited hatred so acute I didn’t know existed.

February 24. One day that has truly become a lifetime.

Onward to our full victory. Glory to Ukraine and Ukraine’s Armed Forces"

Please feel free to donate so we can increase our provisions in support of our Ukraine chapter.

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