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Medical Innovation

Meet our Medical Innovation team. They are responsible for creating well-researched educational material that we use to teach our chapters more about our screenings and their impact. 

B8269102-9159-446B-8CAF-12DB97EAF114 - Emma Scott_edited.jpg

Emma Scott
Medical Information Executive Officer

PNG image_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Marcus Kunu
Officer of Innovation

Lee_Eric - Eric Lee_edited.jpg

Eric Lee
Officer of Compliance

Reem Habib headshot - Reem Habib.jpg

Reem Habib
Director of medical language

DCE5012E-61E8-4D06-AEB0-FED664911CA8 - Puranjay Shori_edited.jpg

Puranjay Shori
Director of Peer Advocacy

RiyaPatel - Riya Patel_edited.jpg

Riya Patel
Assistant Director of
Medical Education

Paulina Perez Headshot - Paulina Perez G

Paulina Perez Gallegos
Assistant Director of Medical Language

Mental Health

Meet our Mental Health team. They work hand-in-hand with MIO to develop and streamline blood pressure screenings, mental health screenings, etc. They also coordinate these screenings among our chapters. 

Screen Shot 2023-03-23 at 1.50_edited.jpg

Giselle Carino
Officer of Mental Health

Sasha Headshot 1 - Sasha Farid_edited.jpg

Sasha Farid
Officer of Mental Health &
 Regional Director of Compliance

B4340C58-1737-4F64-B172-208639C74894 - Trinadee Gonzalez_edited.jpg

Trinadee Gonzalez
Assistant Director of Mental Health

1G4A2081 - Jonathan Iketem_edited.jpg

Jonathan Iketem
Director of Mental Health

DAD4C899-1EE1-49C3-9B47-EAFF169D1CDB - Julie Brown_edited.jpg

Julie Brown
Assistant Director of Peer Advocacy

IMG_3111 (1) - Naomi Lupercio-Orozco_edited.jpg

Naomi Lupercio-Orozco
Director of Mental Health

ANJ_3900 (1)_edited_edited.jpg

Prisha Jonnalagadda

Assistant Director of Peer Advocacy

Nuhamin Weldetensae
Executive Director of Compliance

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