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Internal Affairs

This department works to support our active chapters in all operations. They empower students to take charge as leaders at their University and function as an efficient support system. They serve as liaisons between the chapters and the overarching non-profit organization.  

9D9A6FAD-5F1C-481F-8031-71154E358DCC - Kaitlyn Day_edited.jpg

Kaitlyn Stoner
Internal Affairs Executive Officer

Headshot - Maeve Murphy_edited.jpg

Maeve Murphy
Senior Manager for East Regions

66DE3C14-EDDA-4D14-A3B0-FB88D74A1DCB - Omama Ahmed_edited.jpg

Omama Ahmed
North east region internal affairs Director


Raayed Rahman
Director of Internal Affairs

Grad Pic - Boi Ha_edited.jpg
me - Fatima Shaikh_edited.jpg

Fatima Shaikh
Regional Manager for the
outheast Region

Boi Ha 
Midwest & South
Internal Affairs Director

Jade Tran H4H Headshot - Jade Tran_edited.jpg
mariagoodpic - Maria LeMire_edited.jpg

Maria LeMire

Director of Internal Affairs

Jade Tran
Regional Manager for the
Midwest and South Region

Headshot - Chris Richter - Chris Richter_edited.jpg

Christopher Richter
Senior Manager

Headshot 2022_3 - Valory Vailoces_edited.jpg

Valory Vailoces
Auxiliary Board Member

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