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Human Resources

Our Human Resources department is responsible for all hiring processes, managing inter-departmental disputes, and ensuring all our departments are meeting regulations. 


Aditi Tuli
Chief Officer of Human Relations


Salvi Kumar
Director of Policies

A7801124-B3A4-405E-88BC-5AB118428EE6_1_105_c - Kelvin Kurian_edited.jpg

Kelvin Kurian
Director of  Controls


Nivriti Sabhnani
Director of  Training

9B44C129-F3DF-4E95-9DAA-64F06E273749 - Katrina Wong_edited.jpg

Katrina Wong
Director of  Onboarding

6801FC9B-39CC-4717-AF9C-A4E4088F5862 - Sophia Nguyen_edited.jpg

Sophia Nguyen
Director of  Human Resources

D483923B-85E7-4DB3-BB9F-F08A68F71404 - Megan Geraghty_edited.jpg

Megan Geraghty
Director of  Recruitment

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