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External Affairs

This department strives towards national and international expansion. They serve as an asset and resource to students keen on starting a chapter at their University. While empowering these students, they also help support our International chapters. 

8FD8E906-E972-489A-B340-9B3FADEE1F9A - Gerard Dinith Mendis_edited.jpg

Gerard Dinith Mendis
Officer of International Affairs & National External Affairs

Headshot 2022_3 - Valory Vailoces_edited.jpg

Valory Vailoces
Auxiliary Board Member

SK Photo - Sujena Koilpillai_edited.jpg

Sujena Koilpillai
Executive Director of West External Affairs

pic - Ashton Collins_edited.jpg

Ashton Collins
Executive Director of Southeastern Expansion

Headshot - Shaun Crist_edited_edited.jpg

Shaun Crist
Executive Regional Director of Northeast External Affairs

8516048A-C819-46C4-9E78-396438F579F1 - Dina Abdalla.jpeg

Dina Abdalla

Director of International Affairs: Jordan

BCCD2530-3220-4CE2-9E14-EA7FB2C80B8A - Matthew Husfield_edited.jpg

Matthew Husfield
Director of Expansion (West)

IMG_4790 - Lydia Varughese_edited.jpg

Lydia Varughese
Director of International Affairs: India

RK Headshot - Rehana Koilpillai_edited.jpg

Rehana Koilpillai
Executive Director of Midwest External Affairs

Screen Shot 2023-03-20 at 2.34_edited.jpg

Andre Vu
West External Affairs

IMG_2173 - Sofia Villarroel_edited.jpg

Sofia Villarroel
Director of International Affairs: Venezuela

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